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 My father, Giuseppe (owner) has been caring for horses since he was a child back on his family's farm in Sicily. Our company will always ensure customers the healthiest & best-looking horses at Central Park. The importance of how to keep horses healthy & happy is essential in our company. All our horses were born & raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. My father has 40 years of a very close relationship with the Amish Community in Pennsylvania. We have big beautiful strong draft horses & they are treated as part of our family.

They are groomed daily and see a Veterinary Specialist 3 times a year. They also receive many treats and water breaks while working. Back at the stables, they have big beautiful stalls with straw bedding, 24/7 stableman care, unlimited supply of hay, automatic water feeders for drinking, and hot/cold showers to keep them clean all year round. They receive brand new horseshoes and trimmings by our local NYPD Mounted-Police Farrier every 4-5 weeks. Our horses receive 6-12 weeks of vacation every year on beautiful green pastures back in Pennsylvania. We do not operate when temperatures reach near 19 or 87 degrees (+150 heat index) Fahrenheit and during severe weather conditions.

We guarantee our horses' welfare, as they are our #1 priority. 

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