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  • What is the difference between the Central Park VIP Tour and the Holiday Central Park VIP Tour ????
    The only difference between the Central Park VIP Tour & Holiday Central Park VIP Tour is we only provide 1 stop at Cherry Hill for photos for Holiday Central Park VIP Tour due to high volume bookings for the Holidays. Keep in mind, there is no Christmas lights decoration inside Central Park during the holidays.
  • What does the Holiday Central Park VIP Tour include?
    Most people believe Central Park is decorated for the holidays with Christmas decroations but that is NOT true. Holiday Central Park VIP Tour is just labeled as "Holiday" due to the holiday month. Does not mean there will be Christmas theme to the tour. We do decorate our carriages for the Holidays but there is not Christmas Lights inside Central Park.
  • I heard there are many vendors selling and scamming tourist at Central Park now a days, is this true?"
    This is very true, many pedi-cab sales persons are luring and scamming customers into taking rides with them. They provide false inforamtion about the horse and carriage rates and pretend to be afilliated with the industry. They are aggressive and nasty to tourist that refuse to take a ride with a pedi-cab and are harassed and insulted by them. Their is also many un reputable vendors in Central Park that charge more money for less time and provide poor customer services. We strongly recommend you do your research and choose our reputable company since 1979 to ensure a memorable and cherishing Central Park horse carriage ride while in NYC. Don't get taken for a ride and reserve with us today!
  • Do I have to pre-book a Central Park horse carriage ride?
    Yes, Central Park horse carriage ride reservations are required. You can set up your reservation by calling 516-606-6212 or visit the official site: www, to set up an appointment for your NYC Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park.
  • Are we able to reschedule day of? How flexibe are we with our reservation?
    We are super flexible with our NYC Horse Carriage Ride company and always provide free rescheduling, no matter what! You can notify us couple of hours in advance to reschedule and we would more than happy to reschedule your Central Park Horse Carriage Ride appointment. Keep in mind, we may be limited to time slots during the weekends but we can usally can make it work!
  • Can we pay cash upon arrival?
    Unfortunately, WE DO NOT ACCEPT WALK-UP or CASH ON SITE. You must have a reservation before arriving. Feel free to call the office +1(516)606-6212 or visit our website to set up your reservation.
  • Do you start and finish at the Central Park Carriage Rides at the same location?
    All our NYC Horse Carriage Rides start and drop off at our station on 7th avenue & 59th street, Central Park South (180 Central Park South - across the street). Once you set up your Central Park Carriage Ride reservation we will send you a detailed confirmation email with full address, photos and a video on how to locate your NYC Horse Carriage in Central Park or you can contact the office +1-516-606-6212
  • Are the NYC Horse Carriage Ride restricted only to Central Park?
    All Central Park Carriage Ride reservations start and end at our station on 7th avenue & 59th, Central Park South. Central Park Horse Carriage Rides are avaialable from 8am - 11:59pm. We also offer a Central Park & Rockfeller City Horse Carriage Ride from 7pm - 11:59pm. Reservations are required - contact 516-606-6212 to book your spot.
  • Curious about the difference between the 25 minute Central Park Carriage Ride and 45 minute Central Park Carriage Ride?
    Huge difference in both tours. The most popular tour would be the Central Park VIP Tour (55 min) which covers the whole nine yards and includes a photo stop at the beautiful Cherry Hill fountain. We also stop to feed the horses carrots which your 8 year old son will absolutely love! The 25 minute ride covers a very small portion of Central Park and the ride is half on street and half inside Central Park. I always recommend taking the 55 minute tour which will guarantee you get the most for your buck and carriage ride experience!
  • Can we bring prosecco on to the horse and carriage in Central Park?
    Absolutely! You can bring any kind of beverages along for your horse carriage ride in Central Park. There are no rules.
  • There are many horse and carriages at 7th avenue and 59th street (west dr) - how do we know which one is yours?
    Once you make your reservation you will receive a detailed confirmation email that will help you find your Central park carriage ride. Our horse and carriages are located inside Central Park on West Dr and they only have the company logo on the front dashboard. (as seen below)
  • Are we allowed to bring food and drink with us on the horse carriage rides?
    Yes, you can absolutely bring beverages and food along for your carriage ride in Central Park! There are no rules.
  • Are the horses well taken care of and treated kindly? After reading a reporting of a carriage horse in NYC toppling over onto the ground, I really want to do the horse & carriage ride still yet I don't want to enable anything negative like that. Would just like to know if these horses are treated kindly before I book. :)"
    When booking with our comany we enure humane animal pratice and gaurantee 100% hose welfare. My father has been providing NYC Horse Carriage Rides since 1979 and I have been for a little over 18 years now. We as a family-owned business can ensure you all our horses are well cared for. My horses receive daily grooming along with hot/cold showers depending on seasons. They get new shoes put on every 4-6 weeks. Never operate when temperates are around 89 degrees or around 19 degrees. My horses go on annual vacations to beautiful green pastures in PA, anywhere from 6 weeks or 2 months in a row! They get feed vitamins and nutrients on a daily basis. We treat our horses like family and I can guarantee you they are probably the most spoiled horses in the world. My horses are my pride and joy every morning! They truly mean the world to me and I would never endanger my horses. They receive much love and care on a daily basis. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you like more information! 516-606-6212
  • Are the rides private or do you share the horse carriage with others?
    We only provide PRIVATE TOURS. Their is no sharing the carriage with strangers.
  • I have seen many reviews from people, many of whom have chosen a horse and carriage ride on the spot without reserving through a company, complain that the 30 minutes ride advertised was actually around 12 minutes. Are your rides as long as they advertise they are?"
    I highly recommend making a reservation with my company if you seeking customer satisfaction. Many other companies do not have a promising reputation when it comes to providing exact duration of tours for the best prices. You always get what you pay for with our company. We have 3 different options with my company and we always guarantee customer satisfaction. We have been in business over 35 years and are a family owned business. We are currently ranked #3 outdoor activities in New York City and have over 4000 excellent reviews. Feel free to contact me for further assistance or questions. You can set up an appointment through my website when ready!
  • Hi, for rides when it is between 20-30F is there a blanket in the carriage? What about when it is raining; does the retractable carriage roof go up? All of the gallery pictures on the website are in nice weather with it down. Thanks."
    We always provide a couple of thick warm blankets during the Winter season. This will make your Central Park carriage ride very comfortable and cozy. We do have covers on carriages in case it rains or snows. We also provide free rescheduling/cancellation with all appointments: FREE CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING TERMS: - NYPD Blockades or Street Closures. - Temperatures above 89 or below 19 degrees - Extreme Weather Advisories. (Heavy Snowfall, Blizzard Conditions, Heat Waves or Heavy Rainfall) - 24-48 hour advance notification to your appointment.
  • My mother is older and has a difficult time stepping up into SUVs, trucks, etc...I would like to have her take a carriage ride but I'm concerned she may have trouble stepping up into the riders carry small stepstools for something like this?"
    I do have a Central Park horse carriages available which is very accessible for elderly people. You can simply the check the box for a handicap accessible carriage when booking. It's easy access to hop on and off. You can call me at 516 606 6212 for more info and to add special request for your needs =)
  • Hello! I was wondering how close the pickup point is to Tavern on the Green? Thanks in advance!
    We do provide drop offs at Tavern On The Green with our Central Park Grand Tour (45 min). If you like to walk to Tavern On The Green after the tour it is sbout a 10 min walk.
  • Can you tell me how much is average tip for this ride?
    Tipping is always customary and greatly appreicated. We only accept CASH TIPS. Average tipping is anywhere from 10% - 20%.
  • How far in advance can you book? Does it cost more to just show up on the day?
    I recommend booking a week in advance for my services and for Holidays I recommend months in advance since we sell out. Prices are always the same. Keep in mind, walks ups never ensure customer satisfaction. My company has been providing memorable Central Park carriage rides since 1979. We are all devoted & dedicated carriage operators at NYC Horse Carriage Rides. Our customer service has always been our #1 priority. We always ensure reasonable prices and we actually provide the full time length of our tours, when many other companies do not. If your seeking a memorable Central Park horse drawn carriage ride and highly recommend giving us a try, you won't regret it! Feel free to contact me via email for further assistance on our services.
  • Hi, do I need to reserve a horse and carriage tour or can you just turn up?"
  • What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy if we book?
    We always provide free cancellation with a full refund with 24 hour notice and free rescheduling as long as we are notified at least 2 hours prior to your reservation. We are very flexible and fair as we have 9 horse and carriages in our company.
  • What time of day is best to go?
    I highly recommend making your reservation during the daylight hours, especially for first-timers! Daylight hours will guarantee you get the most out of your carriage ride through Central Park for best sightseeing and picture quality. We also provide big warm blankets on our tours which will guarantee your nice and toasty! Feel free to email me if you have any further questions regarding our services! You can visit my website and simply make your reservation.
  • Was wondering if it's best to take a carriage ride in the afternoon or evening? Also is a reservation preferred?
    Keep in mind, Central Park is not decorated with Christmas lights. Daytime rides are recommend for first timers and for sightseeing purposes. Evening rides are great as well more beautiful city skyline views and more tranquil intimate romantic ride. Then again, my staff will make your carriage ride memorable whether day or night. We are devoted to customer satisfaction and providing the most informative and personable carriage rides in NYC.
  • Is it busy during sunset?
    It all depends on the time of the year.
  • Can you see through Central Park if you take a tour at night?
    Evening rides have there own touch. The evening rides provide beautiful city skylines and more tranquil, romantic and intimate atmosphere. Keep in mind, Central Park is NOT decorated with Christmas lights & decorations. Our staff, will always provide full guided tours and tell your all about movies scenes, Central Park history & landmarks, in surrounding areas.
  • Whether there are any rides as early as 9-9:30 a.m.?
    Saturday & Sunday hours are from 8AM - 12:30AM Monday - Friday hours are from 10AM - 12:30AM
  • Can 4 adults and a child fit in one carriage?
    NO - 4 adults and a child would be exceeding the total amount per carriage by NYC Laws & Regulations. It’s not about weight, height or size. NYC Laws state we only can provide 4 adults per carriage or 3 adults and 2 children under the age of 12 or 2 adults and 3 children under age of 12. Please visit my website for further details. You would need 2 carriages for 4 adults or more, which can depart and ride together through out the entire carriage ride.
  • Can any carriages accommodate 5 people?
    NYC Laws & Regulations Max. Occupancy per Carriage. (children must be 12 years old or under) • 4 Adults per carriage • or 3 Adults & 2 Children per carriage • or 2 Adults & 4 Children per carriage • or 1 Adult & 6 Children per carriage
  • is 14 month old babies allowed in the ride?
    Hi there! You can absolutely bring your baby along for a carriage ride in Central Park.
  • Can 2 hookup for a ride for 4?
    All rides are private and exclusive tours.
  • We have a large group, will both carriage stay together through the ride?"
    Yes, if you reserve 2 or more carriages we always keep the carriage together and provide the photo stops at the same time as well. This way no one gets left out and we keep the entire group together :)
  • hi we are looking at this in september i gather you have to tip what is the average for the driver as we don't need to tip at home?
    Tipping is always customary and greatly appreciated. It averages from 10%-20%
  • What is the appropriate amount to tip the driver for a 50 minute ride?
    Tips are always customary. Normally it's anywhere from 10-20%.
  • What is the tip percentage or per person?
    Generally it's about 10% overall I think. We gave $20 for the four of us as we were very pleased with the service we received.
  • Do they stop touring based on outdoor temperatures?
    We do not operate when temperatures reach below 19 degrees or over 89 degrees. Otherwise, we operate all year round.
  • What happens if it’s raining?
    We at NYC Horse Carriage Rides, always provide free cancellation and rescheduling, when weather doesn't cooperate. We also do have covers on our carriages in case of light rain, which guarantees you won't get wet and will remain dry for the ride. We do notify all our customers prior to their reservations if we feel there is going to be inclement weather on that day. Then again our cancellation and rescheduling policy is very very flexible and you can get more information by contacting us or visiting our website. Contact +1(516)606-6212
  • Is Central Park decorated for the Holidays?
    Unfortunately, it is NOT. Many people beleivet the park would decorated with lights and Christmas theme and etc. Only places lit up will be the beautiful NYC skyline, ice skating rink, Cherry Hill fountian and Tavern On The Green is decorated with Christmas lights. Otherwise, it is a just an evening carriage ride through Central Park.
  • Hi, we are coming in December and hoping to reserve a tour. How far in advance shall we book it?"
    Thank you for taking the time to write to us! I highly recommend making your reservation one month in advance to ensure you get the time-slot that meets your itinerary. There will be a very high demands and we will most likely sell out getting closer to December. Feel free to contact us if up need help selecting a time-slot for your itinerary. We also provide beautiful big warm blankets during our tours and guarantee the most excellent customer service in NYC.
  • Do you operate abnormal service on Christmas Day?
    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We operate normal hours on Christmas Day! (10AM-1AM) We also provide big warm blankets during our tours to ensure all our customer have comfortable and cozy ride during the Winter seasons! You can check live availability and make your reservation through our website.
  • My husband and I are planning to come to NYC December 10th for the weekend, do you suggest making a reservation or can you always fit someone in last minute? Or is there a long wait? Also how far is Central Park from the Millennium Hilton? Is it in walking distance? Thank you in advance!!"
    I strongly suggest reserving a carriage for the month of December, due to high demands for rides. Reserving with my company will guarantee clean carriage, great customer service and no waits upon your arrival. The Millennial Hotel is walking distance from our pick up location. Walking would take anywhere from 20-30min. With a taxi it takes about 10 minutes. If you like to reserve your carriage just shoot me an email!
  • Coming in December - would you recommend a day or evening tour?
    I would highly recommend taking a daytime ride & making a reservation to ensure you have a carriage ready when you arrive. December is very busy. You get the best visibility for sightseeing and picture quality during the daytime. Evening rides, I believe are more for a romantic theme.
  • Do you have a stand by list - No available dates
    Sure, you can email me with all your information and will be glad to put you on stand by. Please provide us your full name, dates/times available, passengers and mobile number to reach you. Please email me directly and my email address is listed on my TripAdvisor page & Website.
  • Hi. What if there is no availability showing online? Is there opportunity to call the company to gain a reservation to surprise my child for Christmas and birthday? Thanks in advance.
    All my availability and reservations are done through my website. Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding our services!
  • Do you offer gift certificates? I'm interested in purchasing one for my friends as a wedding gift as they will be there for their honeymoon. Thanks!
    Hi Amanda! You can certainly purchase a GIFT CARD on my website. You will click on "RESERVE" and scroll down to the bottom and you will see "CHOOSE YOUR GIFT CERTIFICATE." There you will see 3 different rides you can purchase. If they are visiting from November 25th - January 9th,2017, select "HOLIDAY CENTRAL PARK TOUR." After your purchase you will receive an email and you can simply forward the "GIFT CERTIFICATE" to whoever is receiving it! Feel free to call me if you have any trouble or questions regarding your purchase.
  • Gift Cards ever expire?
    Nope, they can be redeemed at anytime and will never ever expire.
  • This looks perfect for my 50th Birthday later in the year. Can we order champagne or bring our own ?
    You can absolutely bring your own champagne during your specials 50th anniversary carriage ride through Central Park! We would honored to make memories to last you and your loved one a life time during your stay in NYC!
  • Can I bring food or drinks along for the ride?
    Absolutely, you can enjoy a meal and drinks on our tours. No problemo!
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